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Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd.

Turnkey execution of Coal, Biomass & Fuel Handling System for 28.8 MW Co-generation Power Plant at Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu

ClientM/s. Bannari Amman Ltd.
Tonnage1200 MT.

Nirma TG Building

Turnkey execution of Turbine Generator Building (with 100% Steel structures) for 84 MW Co-generation Power Plant at Kalatalav, Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Client M/s. Nirma Ltd.
Tonnage 3500 MT.

Bijao Electric Company

Coal & Limestone Handling System for 1 x 35 MW Captive Power Plant at Honduras, South America

ClientM/s. Bijao Electric Company.
Tonnage1500 MT.

Bharathi Cement

Turnkey execution of Coal (Raw Coal / Pet Coke) & Additives (iron Ore / Laterite/ Red Mud / Limestone) Handling System for Cement Plant at Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh

Client M/s. Bharathi Cement Corporation Pvt. Ltd., (Vicat France)
Total Length 4.5 Kms
Tonnage 4000 MT.

Zuari Cement

Clinker & Gypsum Handling System for Cement Plants at Yerraguntla, Andhra Pradesh and Solapur, Maharashtra

ClientM/s. Zuari Cement Limited.
Tonnage2500 MT.

Lokmangal Mauli

Turnkey execution of Fuel / Coal / Biomass / Ash Handling System (Triple Deck Conveying System) for 28MW Co-generation Power Plant at Osmanabad, Maharashtra

Client M/s. Lokmangal Mauli Industries Ltd.
Tonnage 1500 MT.

Sabah Ammonia Urea Handling Plant (SAMUR)

Bolted Conveyor Structures for Sabah Ammonia Urea Handling Plant (SAMUR) at Sabah, Malaysia.

Client M/s. Petronas Chemical Fertilizer.
Tonnage 3500 MT.

Nuvoco Vistas

Turnkey Execution of Coal & Limestone Handling System for 1x27 MW Thermal Power Plant at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

ClientM/s. Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd
Tonnage1500 MT.

MEBSAR - Methods Baggase Stacking & Reclaiming System.

Design, Manufacture & Supply of Bagasse Stacking & Reclaiming System for 26000 TCD Sugar Plant at Ethiopia.

ClientM/s. Tendaho Sugar Factory
Tonnage3000 MT.

Coal Shed / Pre-Engineered Buildings

Turnkey Execution of Pre-Engineered Building (Coal Shed - 400m long x 60m wide x 30m high Semicircular Structure) for 84MW Cogeneration Power plant at Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

ClientM/s. Nirma Ltd
Tonnage1800 MT.

DHT Cement

Turnkey Execution of 3500 Ton capacity Cement packing plant at Colombo, Srilanka.

ClientM/s. DHT Cement
Tonnage1000 MT.

Kalburgi Cement

Turnkey Execution of parallel line Alternate Fuel Feeding System (AFR) at Gulbarga, Karnataka.

Client M/s. Kalburgi Cement Pvt. Ltd. (M/s. VICAT FRANCE)
Tonnage 500 MT.
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