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Quality Control

M/s. Methods (India) Private Limited has always been a quality conscious company ever since its inception in the year 1982. M/s. Methods (India) Private Limited was accredited with ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate by TUV in the year 2010. M/s. Methods (India) Private Limited is looked upto as one of the country’s most quality conscious manufacturers in the field of Material Handling System mainly due to its stringent Quality Control procedures. The Quality Control Procedure is made in accordance with the procedures, specifications, work instructions and the client requirements. The Quality Control Procedure will detail the administrative and operational activities of each equipment which will contain the methods of inspection, level of Quality Assurance required, Acceptance criteria, witness and hold points and documentation reference.

The Quality Control Procedure is divided into 3 major categories.

  • Inspection and Testing Procedure for Bought Out Items.
  • Inspection and Testing Procedure for Manufactured Items.
  • Inspection and Testing Procedure for Standard Items.

Inspection and Testing shall be done for all the products / Equipment in accordance with Quality Assurance Plan. The inspection and Testing shall be in 3 stages as follows :

Raw Material Inspection

This is normally carried out on receipt of material at works for conformance of specified requirements as per the drawing and technical specifications. The materials shall be released for production on verification of accompanying documents. This is to permit immediate recall and replacement in the event of non-conformance of specific requirement. Also samples shall be taken from each lot at random, for testing the Chemical Analysis and Physical Properties of the same, which shall be normally done for special type of Alloy Steel.

In-process Inspection

In process Inspection shall be carried out as per the Inspection and Testing plan.
Product acceptance will be determined by the acceptance criteria laid down in the specification and the Test plan.

Manufactured products shall not be released for further processing until all the required inspection and tests are completed or the necessary reports are verified.

Final Inspection

All the manufactured / bought out items shall undergo final inspection in accordance with the specified contractual requirements prior to despatch, with the consent of client. All Final Inspection and Testing shall be carried out in accordance with the Inspection & Testing Plan.

Manufactured items shall be accepted when :

  1. All inspection and Test activities have been accepted.
  2. All relevant inspection and Test documents have been completed.
  3. All non conformance have been dis-positioned and implemented.

No manufactured items shall be despatched until all the activities specified in the Inspection and Test Plan have been satisfactorily completed.

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