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Erection and Commissioning


Methods India has cultivated a distinguished team specialized in Erection & Commissioning (E&C), backed by over 200 skilled personnel across four external groups. This division prides itself on the meticulous construction, erection, testing, and commissioning of turnkey projects, adhering to stringent timelines. Each project is spearheaded by a dedicated site engineer, in close collaboration with a project coordinator based in Bangalore, ensuring seamless execution and adherence to schedules.

Turnkey Execution of Pre-Engineered Building (Coal Shed – 400m long x 60m wide x 30m high Semicircular) for 84MW Cogeneration Power plant at Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

Client: M/s. Nirma Limited.

Tonnage: 1500 MT.

Turnkey Execution of 3500 Ton Capacity Cement Silo & Erection of Complete Packing Plant Building at Srilanka.

Client: M/s. DHT Cement Limited.

Tonnage: 800 MT.

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