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Employee well-being is one of the major focuses of our organization. We are providing loans for products and services for Agricultural Sector needs. Farmers can get an agricultural loan without any guarantee through this scheme so that they do not have to borrow money from lenders or private banks with huge interest.

The strength and vibrancy of any business be it in the product or the service industry, lie with the capabilities and commitment of its employees. M/s Methods (India) has a workforce close to 500, many of whom who are with the organization for a couple of decades. As a company we are aware of how the well-being of each one of them reflects on their commitment towards their jobs, which in turn is perceived by our clients as the quality of our products, which we are known for.

Benefits and privileges of rural banking initiated by different schemes of the state and the union government are gradually permeating into the village mindset. However, a significant percentage of the population depends on the village moneylenders, who are quick to exploit the illiterate and the ignorant. Most of the villages in rural Karnataka are dependent on farming as a livelihood. Located in a drought prone taluk of the state, the farmers finds themselves at the mercy of the weather and the local loan-sharks. M/s Methods (India) provides interest-free loans of up to Rs. 200,000 to the nearest relatives of its employees who are depending on farming as a livelihood. It also stands as a guarantor for bank loans up to Rs. 10, 00,000 availed for the purpose of agriculture and farming by the immediate relatives of its employees.

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