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Girl child education can play an important role in the development of society as well as the country. Girls are serving the country in many fields ranging from sports, science, literature, and all kinds of political affairs. Education empowers women to have a better outlook on life-making rights and responsibilities. Girls’ education is a strategic development priority for Methods India Pvt Ltd.

Cultural ethos and richness of heritage becomes redundant when a society remains steeped in beliefs which undermine the growth, freedom and the fundamental rights of the individual. This is where primary literacy and through it primary education of every citizen assumes importance towards improving the quality of life and absence of discrimination in a society.

It has been proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the growth, physical and mental well-being and progress of a society are directly proportional tothe awareness of the women of the society. Pivotal to the achievement of this goal is the education of the girl child. Methods India PvtLtd, understands the importance of this necessity and assumes responsibility by playing a decisive role in the education of the children of its employees.

Under its Methods Academic Scholarship scheme, M/s Methods (India) provides scholarshipup to Rs. 10 lakhs to girl students who are demonstrating constant academic excellence. By doing so, we expect to inspire parents in the community to persevere with their child’s education and to kindle the spirit in each student to aim for higher goals. The Methods Academic Scholarship for 2021 was awarded to Ms. Sai Gayathri, hailing from Kerala, but who has completed her graduation in Karnataka. With the scholarship she successfully completed the Biocon KGI certificate program in Biosciences with meritorious distinction.

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